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A night out. Toastmasters style

A night out on the 24th July. With the positive members of Norwich Speakers club. We have the former Area Governor, the current Area Director and our newly installed President enjoying the wonderful meal at The Georgian Townhouse.

Fantastic food and riveting conversation, as for what Mrs President is doing in some of the pictures we will let you determine that with a little Caption competition. Choose the Picture number and add little caption in the comments please.11802549_603770446393128_5971496737847417607_oPicture 111802685_603771283059711_5253321788751084182_o Picture 211807540_603771083059731_405340167407032291_o Picture 311807557_603770636393109_9130553211144323390_oPicture 411807650_603770349726471_5022487522507206191_oPicture 11838679_603770879726418_6964859906121973558_oPicture 11037820_603771149726391_1800793153794277472_oPicture 611181838_603771119726394_6322917920217497616_oPicture 11224557_603770816393091_4708028082164874838_oPicture 11234936_603771366393036_7538526066257270303_oPicture 11782460_603770536393119_1995226509568752886_oPicture 10 11791952_603771066393066_5397446795660040631_oPicture 11 11794208_603770983059741_3410226427006911162_oPicture 1211794355_603770949726411_6965731067390006757_oPicture 13

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