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About Us


scared Norwich Speakers Club is a group of people who get together every second Thursday at 7.30 p.m. for a couple of hours of fun to practice the art of effective communication through public speaking.

We do this following a tried and tested structure developed by the Toastmasters International organisation to help us develop our skills in a safe and friendly environment.

Members join for many different reasons… Some wish to become proficient at talking to groups, whilst others want to overcome their shyness or a fear of speaking to others – especially if they have a speech to perform such as being the “Best Man”. There are those who just want to become more confident in themselves and others who wish to be able to improve the way they handle staff in the work place. Quite simply, there are many reasons to come and join in.

Whatever your reason, the aim of the club is to have fun in learning how to improve you ability to communicate with others by practicing the art of public speaking through a proven format of 10 speeches, each focusing upon different aspects of speaking. This is done in a completely relaxed and supportive way.

Just come along to one of our club evenings and we will make you welcome. You will not be under any pressure to speak unless you wish to. 

You are welcome to attend three sessions totally free and without obligation to see if you enjoy the experience… We are sure that you will.