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Club Contest on 26th March 2015

Message from our President Sue Eastman ahead of the contest:


I would like to personally thank you all for your support in the roles you will be fulfilling and to Matt for doing a grand job in filling the programme. As Matt as already reassured you, there will be full support and guidance for all the Contestants, Judges and Duty Holders  from myself who will be Contest Chair and our Chief Judge David McNaughter.


I am thrilled we have 3 contestants in each competition which is great but if there is any one of you who would also like to be a contestant and meet the eligibility criteria it is not too late, just contact Matt and myself.


If you are doing a role that could go towards the Competent Leadership award please let one of us know so we can fill in and sign your Manual.


I am really looking forward to what should be a great contest with great speeches and evaluation.


I personally would like to wish everyone the very best of luck in whatever role they are doing. I feel Norwich Speakers Club is going from strength to strength and that is down to you the members. We have some very talented people in NSC and as they say we all have great stories in us to share.


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