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The Toastmaster Timekeeper

A few weeks ago, our 2015 Table Topics Champion Kieron Bain wrote and delivered this brilliant poem in his introduction when explaining the Timer role at a typical meeting:


Time waits for no man so they say

Holds prince and pauper both in its sway

And thus it is my mote today

To keep you to the second’s pay

These words you may have heard before

But tonight it’s me who’s keeping score

Of the passage passed to work your jaw

As you strut and stride there on the floor

Now we don’t have to make it hectic

Let me explain the standard metric

By which we judge your dialectic

Kept in line by clock electric

For when this light is shining green

We’ll listen on with hearing keen

More phrase to hear more gesture seen

So wax on merry word libertine

Observe said light next dull to amber

Please now cease your worked preamble

The ending quick you’d better handle

Lest the rules you wish to trample

A final station sure signed by red

Everything good now must be said

It’s someone else’s turn instead

Keep on going – off with his head

My verse so quick is said in jest

So please do not much thought invest

In rules that hold at my behest

Just to guide and not to test.


by Kieron Bain

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